Thursday, 24 May 2018 09:33

Going Global Through A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

“We have inculcated the culture of ‘what we don’t eat, we don’t let others eat’ and ‘Baked With Love’ in the workers. We always emphasise to our visitors that Julie’s is a Malaysian brand at all our overseas trade exhibitions. And we felt proud whenever they mentioned that although we are a small country, we are able to produce products of international standard. Through sheer hard work and perseverance, Julie’s products are now available in 80 countries and counting. By 2020, we expect to be in 100 countries.” says Mr. Martin Ang, the Director (Sales & Marketing). Mr Martin Ang, Director (Sales & Marketing) Perfect Food Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (Julie’s).

  • Best Practices Type: Case Studies
  • Industry: Services
  • Company Name: Perfect Food Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (Julie’s)
  • Geographical: Melaka
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