Thursday, 27 September 2018 11:29

Into Futuristic and Revolutionary Smart Suite of V-ONE

“My dream is to work with a team of passionate people, build a great technology company, and make the world a better place through technology breakthrough and innovation. I want to create a happy workplace that will naturally attract, retain, and inspire the right talents to work harmoniously on something exciting and meaningful for the world. In addition, data collection and data integration for all processes will be implemented as part of industry 4.0 revolution in ViTrox. Our goal is to make sure all employees use the data to make the right decision. V-ONE is a resolution that was developed and acts as a guide in production line in ViTrox just like Waze app.” Mr Chu Jenn Weng, Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of ViTrox Corporation Bhd.

  • Best Practices Type: Case Studies
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Special Issue: Industry 4.0
  • Company Name: ViTrox Corporation Bhd.
  • Geographical: Pulau Pinang
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