Friday, 08 February 2019 11:27

November 5, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - Living by Integrity, Hard Work and Discipline

MKH is not just in property. It is also involved in oil palm cultivation, furniture manufacturing and trading. Commenting on the company's plans for its property division, Chen says, "We want to move further up the food chain. We would want to improve in terms of delivering quantity but also delivering quality homes."MKH will look at starter homes, have a platform for the young to build equity. The young should start building equity to beat (general) inflation, that's very important. General inflation may be 3% but property inflation is probably 7.5% to 8%. When they build equity, that is enough for their next stage in life, which is building a family; they will need a bigger home. They can sell whatever they had bought, which would have appreciated, and put it in the next property."

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