Monday, 06 May 2019 16:13

February 4, 2019, The Edge Malaysia - G3 global aims to break even by 2021, riding smart mobility

Smart mobility the next big thing Lai maintains that smart mobility could be the first step towards autonomous driving but for now, he says it is important to reshape the behaviour of drivers. "We believe technology has a huge impact on a country's economy. Let me ask you a question, how much is a life worth from a monetary point of view? Malaysia's accident rate is not low. Big or small, accidents happen. He says global research reports show advanced driver assistance systems to be proven technology that can reduce accident rates by up to 82%. Through the early warning system, drivers will be able to immediately take corrective action to prevent collisions and accidents.

  • Best Practices Type: Newsclips
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Special Issue: Industry 4.0
  • Company Name: G3 Global Bhd
  • Geographical: Pulau Pinang
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