Tuesday, 12 January 2021 14:49

Captivating Traditional Experiences Await in A Nostalgic Kampung Enclave

"Santika’s focus evolved away from being just another Malaysian homestay into a place of unique experiences, highlighting authentic Javanese-Malaysian identity; one in which even natives of Java would find interestingin its inter-mixed evolution inMalaysia. Santika Hulu Langat truly hasgreat potential in being highlighted as a tourist attraction when it is packaged and branded with its unique offerings. Which was why in 2019 the Santika Musical Village package was introduced after taking into consideration the trend and demand of domestic and foreign tourists who were interested in both food and musical attractions. The readiness to evolve or change was a key element in making Santika a success, as it would be for other lagging places that are willing to change and make tourism in Malaysia on par with other countries in the world.” Mr. Hasan Muhamad Suyat, Manager, Santika Hulu Langat.

  • Best Practices Type: Case Studies
  • Industry: Services
  • Company Name: Santika Hulu Langat
  • Geographical: Selangor
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