Execute and measure strategic initiatives

Execute and measure strategic initiatives (13)

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 09:24

A Green Haven For All

A Green Haven For All

Surrounded by abundant beauty of nature, the award-winning eco-resort was built to work with nature and not against it. According to Chan, not a single tree was cut to accommodate the development. Likewise, its surrounding lake and landscape have been left undisturbed. Swimming and fishing in the lake—except on rare occasions and under strictly controlled conditions—are prohibited by the management of The Haven. This is to allow the ecosystem of the lake to thrive naturally. With plenty of fish swimming in its waters, The Haven’s lake has attracted otters to choose the lake as their habitat.

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 09:16

A Haven on Earth in Ipoh

“Everything we do is done with CSR in mind. We think about how we can help others. Our employees, our guests, our community. You can think of it as a kind of social service, one that is honest and integrity-based. You see, when you do things for yourself, it is self-serving. But when you do the opposite and serve others, it becomes different. That’s why we always aim to benefit others and in doing so we can do extraordinarily well.” Peter Chan, Chief Executive Officer, The Haven Ipoh

Friday, 01 November 2019 12:23

Refining the Work Processes via Lean Management

“We started our Lean approach through an introduction to all Heads of Department via an offsite retreat, where we brainstormed ideas to select and finalise Lean projects for Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani. A Lean Corner was created to raise staff awareness on the merits of Lean approach in reducing waiting time and increasing patient satisfaction. Three Lean project teams were set up and each of the project is championed by a leader who has relevant experience in overseeing the operations site. Lean encourages staff to improve the work they are involved in – by improving process and reducing delays in services to patients.” Ms Tio Bee Chan, Chief Executive Officer, Pantai Hospital Sungai Petani

Friday, 01 November 2019 12:18

Setting the Quality Benchmark in the Healthcare Industry

“At Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara, we take pride in the fact that our hospital is fully accredited by the Malaysian Society of Quality in Health and that our Fertility lab is accredited by the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee of Australia. These achievements reflect the commitment from the Board down to the person on the floor to providing healthcare of the highest quality to our patients and customers. Our vision is to build and sustain an organisation that has a strong culture of continuous quality improvement and accountability towards the care we provide. As I always say, the safety of the patient comes first. Everything else can be discussed later.” Ms. Nadiah Wan, Group Chief Executive Officer of TMC Life Sciences Berhad, Chief Executive Officer of Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara

Monday, 07 October 2019 15:13

Empowering Community Programme : Towards Community-based Tourism

Empowering Community Programme : Towards Community-based Tourism

The Academy realises that it is necessary to upskill and reskill the local community, and reinforce lifelong learning to continually acquire new and emerging skills required by the industry. This would mould their mindset into ensuring they always give the best service to tourists, and at the same time equip them with the knowledge and skills to enable them to grab the economic opportunities existing in Langkawi.

Monday, 07 October 2019 15:03

Championing TVET and Community - based Tourism in Langkawi

“The combination of ‘learning to work’ classroom sessions and ‘working to learn’ hands-on practical training ensures the Academy produces well-balanced, fit-to-work graduates who satisfy the manpower needs and demand of the industry. Langkawi Tourism Academy’s dynamic and sustainable industry-led curriculum is backed by a well-coordinated industry-based practical training." -Khaairuddin Khalil, Director, Langkawi Tourism Academy.

Thursday, 03 October 2019 09:01

The Edge Malaysia - Record Attendance at world's major theme parks (24 June 2019)

The Edge Malaysia - Record Attendance at world's major theme parks (24 June 2019)

The theme entertainment industry marked a milestone last year as attendance at the attractions of the major operators exceeded half a billion visits for the first time in history, according to Theme Index and Museum Index 2018 - the definitive annual attendance study for the Themed Entertainment and museum industries published by the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) and the economics practice at AECOM.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 10:38

A New Drive in Fishery Industry

A New Drive in Fishery Industry

In alleviating Sarawak’s economy through fishery, LKIM Sarawak saw a golden opportunity to expand the existing and potential agriculture businesses via tourism industry. Fully aware of the abundant fresh seafood availability plus with its unique places as points of interest, LKIM Sarawak engages the local fishermen and proposes the development of potential areas as tourist attractions. This approach also benefits the fishermen as it will help improve their living standards significantly.

Monday, 27 May 2019 16:11

Reeling in the Fishermen into Tourism-related Businesses

“Fishing can be categorised as one of main economic activities in Sarawak. Located strategically near the ocean, the fishermen are able to increase their daily hauls due to the ease of accessibility to the resources. However, it is currently inadequate to provide a better living condition for the fishermen community and requires major improvisations. LKIM Sarawak proudly took the mantle in aiding the fishermen community by transforming the four fishermen villages, Sri Muara, Kabong, Lawas and Belawai, as tourist destinations. Together with the support from the state government and related agencies, similar developments in other areas will also be realised in the near future.” Kusuadi Sallih, State Director, LKIM Sarawak.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 15:17

April 8, 2019, The Edge Malaysia - Thrilling, Disruptive and Game-changing

When Kamarul Muhamed decided to ditch his comfortable and well-paying accounting job almost two decades because it was too vanilla, he knew he was taking a huge risk. But he had to do it because he wanted to do something thrilling, disruptive and game-changing.

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