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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 12:05

Cost Saving through Team Excellence Project (2017)

The Annual Productivity & Innovation Convention (APIC) is a platform organised by MPC for the purpose of sharing best practices on Team Excellence (TE) projects. It showcases improvement projects which have proven in increasing performance of quality, output and productivity while minimising cost of operation. In 2015, about 156 organisations presented 218 projects during the APIC programme which have successfully recorded a total cost saving of 193 million. The services sector has sustained in contributing the highest value in cost saving recording RM 77.38 million. The Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) is a tool in TE Projects and is widely used by renowned organisations in Malaysia such as Petronas, KPJ Healthcare, Tabung Haji, Sharp, Infineon and Amkor. Learn more on how these organisations implemented ICC projects for improvements through the Benchmarking Online Networking Database (BOND).

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 10:56

ICC in providing innovative solution for superior and quality products (2016)

The ICC project successfully achieved its target of 30 percent reduction in twin relay customer claims and improved process spoilage on wire defect reject. After the ICC project, the twin relay customer claim reduced to 0.702 ppm as compared to 2.755 ppm previously. The wire defect quantity also has reduced from 12,002 pieces to 1,916 pieces which amounting to a saving of RM5,864 per month.

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017 10:31

Bridging quantity variations to maximise solar wafer output (2015)

Sun Edison (SE) is among the world top solar wafer companies with a production capacity of solar wafer exceeding 800 MW annually. SE faced a problem of daily plant finished goods (FG) of solar wafer packed did not tally with the reported machine output quantity. The high variance between the reported machine output with actual packed wafer quantity was rectified by using the methods of counting good wafer, loss of wafer and review on the rework flow.

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