Wednesday, 17 July 2019 10:31

Simplistically Effective

Systemair’s motto of “The Straight Way” stems from a product concept which has now extended to its business philosophy. It embraces a “no-frills” mentality and follows the most direct and efficient path for the company’s business model. Many companies are guilty of putting too many complicated practices in place that work against each other and reduce efficiency.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 10:16

Less Energy, More Coolness

Malaysia recorded an average temperature of 28°C until a maximum of 34°C which led to an extensive usage of air-conditioners in various premises such as offices, malls, restaurants, hotels, convention centres and houses. As those areas continue to expand, the demand for air-conditioners increases as well in order to achieve optimal comfort for the users. It is quite common to find the conventional galvanised iron (GI) duct in most buildings. However, in recent years, more people are starting to realise the benefits of changing into fabric ducting system, mainly due to its highly efficient cool airflow distribution and the cost-saving concept. Fabric Ducting System is one of the solutions that was developed and derived from the latest technology in an effort to maximise cool air distribution from air-conditioners.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 10:02

Cultivating Employees Values through Kaizen Achievement Recognition Programme (KARP)

In line with rapid changes in technology, UWC Holdings has formulated its own employees reward system to boost innovation amongst its employees called the KARP. In order to oversee the process and the reward system, the company has set up a committee for this purpose. UWC Holdings believes that a well-balance reward system must recognise the performance and behaviour of the employees based on values, vision and goals of the organisation while modifications must be done to make the entire process special and rejuvenation for the employees. This is to encourage creativity and efficiency of the employees during their working time while the incentives programmes aim to boost productivity.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 09:30

Before Lean Management & After Implemented Lean Resolutions

Farmasi Fajr’s employees have implemented eight resolutions in the wholesale supply process and five resolutions in the process of providing GFRs. All Lean resolutions have contributed to the company’s productivity by increasing sales revenues and reducing wastage in terms of time, labour and costs. Prior to Lean, Farmasi Fajr’s average retail sales was RM99, 235. After Lean was executed, the average sales increased to RM108, 896. The average wholesale revenue, meanwhile, rose from RM61, 773 to RM84, 341 after the implementation of Lean.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 09:22

Providing Futuristic and Holistic Solutions

TXMR focuses on the total industrial, cyber-physical system integration solution towards eco-innovation and green technology adoption in line with Industry 4.0. This solution also covers vertical of software, mechanical and IT sides, boasting itself further as the best provider of cyber-physical integration. These are suitable to be used for all types of industries as there is no specific code for specific industry.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 09:08

Efficient Retail and Supply Chain Management with KATSys

Initially, the work of scanning, recording, and invoicing of each card was done manually. KAT believes that this technique is not sustainable in the long run as these cards are rather small and highly prone to be misplaced. It is also almost impossible to trace the losses, if any, due to the sheer volume and number of parties involved in each retail and supply chain-related activities. The emergence of advanced technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) have enabled KAT to design a system that is able to remotely monitor the whole work process with great detail and generate reports which can be retrieved by both the principals and distributors in real time.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 08:55

Rising through Real Estate Ranks

Approaching its 43rd year of service, the company provides a comprehensive range of services encompassing all aspects of real estate. Our main purpose is to reduce complexities and provide their clients with clear-cut solutions to their real estate needs via integrated services consultancy. At Rahim & Co, it is a strong belief that the company’s strength lies in its people. It continuously stresses on teamwork and the importance of cultivating an environment that is quick to respond to market dynamics.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019 08:44

Weaving Best Advertisements with Good Client Rapport

Success in the advertising business hinges on building up trust and collaboration with clients. It is important for FCB KL to work with the right client. The agency is very selective in choosing its projects to ensure that the values they promote are in sync with FCB KL’s mission and vision to create big transformative ideas that drive change.

Monday, 06 May 2019 08:58

Attracting Visitors with Countless of Attractions

The uniqueness of nature that can be found in this region became the main attraction for many tourists, especially nature lovers, to explore exotic places in Taiping. One of the most appealing spots in Taiping is Bukit Larut, which is also a part of the Public Forest Estate (PFE) and inhabited with diverse species of flora and fauna. Bukit Larut is one of the oldest hill resorts in Malaysia with a height of 1,250 above sea level. Aspiring hikers are also welcome to challenge Gunung Hijau located in Bukit Larut and enthralled by the picturesque view overlooking Melaka Strait and the town of Taiping. TMC plays key role in maintaining its pristine environment while also providing a Land Rover service for those who wish to access the hill top via jeep ride while admiring the beautiful surrounding forest.

Monday, 06 May 2019 08:53

Bringing KPJ Penang to Greater Heights with Flexi Support

KPJ Penang strives to provide the best medical care services to its patients in ensuring their highest level of satisfaction. Numerous initiatives have been taken in its effort to improve its quality as one of the prestigious hospitals in Malaysia. In 2016, a team known as Chemistry carried out a TE project in 2016 to increase work efficiency in the organisation. After several brainstorming sessions, the team identified 8 problems which need to be resolved at organisational level. This project indirectly paved a pathway for continuous improvements in the existing work process.

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