Tuesday, 19 May 2020 10:10

A Philosophy of Continuous Improvement

TTM’s solid products are anchored on the philosophy of continuous improvement. Ever since it acquired the Pasir Gudang-based TMA in 2013, the company has beefed up its manufacturing capacity from 4 units per week to 16 units per week. This improvement has contributed in securing TTM’s position as the leading terminal tractor manufacturer in Southeast Asia.

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Tuesday, 19 May 2020 09:57

WeHealth Benefits

UMCH launched its WeHealth platform in 2017. WeHealth is an intelligent health monitoring system that is integrated with a range of wearable smart devices which track the wearer’s physical activity level, vital body signs, diet and sleep pattern on a 24/7 basis. They also send a reminder when it’s time for the wearer to take his or her medication.

Wednesday, 13 May 2020 07:44

Colouring Fipper's Footsteps towards Success

In the era of digitalisation and e-commerce, most retailers opted not to open up new outlet at shopping complexes to minimise its operational costs. However, Fipper found this as an opportunity as a marketing channel to market its products and decided to open up more branches as the rental is cheaper due to small outlet size.

Monday, 04 May 2020 15:48

Innovating Work Process with Internet of Things (IoT)

In 2018, TF-AMD participated in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) PLUGFEST programme which was sponsored by the Electrical & Electronics Productivity Nexus (EEPN) of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC). This programme allowed TF-AMD to gain insights and know-how from the giant E&E companies who have hands-on experience in applying IoT technology in their production floor.

Thursday, 30 April 2020 11:42

An e-commerce Platform with Diversified Solutions

To cater to the growing number of sellers with warehousing and logistical limitations, Shopee provides a service called Fulfilled by Shopee (FBS). Through this programme, Shopee monitors and facilitates the entire business transaction including store and customer management, product listing, promotions and order fulfilment. With this, sellers are able to store their products without worrying about limited storage space issues. After the products are stored in the Shopee warehouse, the Shopee Logistics Team will handle the fulfilment process as soon as an order comes in.

Thursday, 30 April 2020 11:21

Business Reduction due to the Lack of Effective Management

Prior to its success in the bakery industry, ZBAC business operations went downhill for a time due to several reasons, mainly on poor inventory management. At that time, the raw materials were purchased without a solid business plan, there were no set sales targets and no proper recording system. Due to its hastiness in obtaining bulk materials at a low price from the supplier, ZBAC did not perform the proper due diligence which eventually caused the warehouse to be filled with plenty of unused materials.

Friday, 21 February 2020 15:07

Assuring Supplies for Continous Demand

A total of 70% of MBG’s fresh produce was imported from foreign countries while the remaining are secured from the locals. In order to maintain the quality and stocks of the fresh produce, MBG is dependent on three different sources for their supplies — farmers, exporters and agents. Other than having a short range of products, farmers could only provide a small scale output as the produce depends on the seasons. The exporters, on the other hand, have up to 20 farmers under their belt; which means they are able to obtain as many stocks as they want or need. However, the agents serve as the main source for MBG to purchase various fruit products since there will be daily transactions between the agents and other fruit sellers.

Friday, 21 February 2020 09:52

LETSB's Initiative to Improve Business Operations

LETSB has identified the Key Performance Index (KPI) to ensure its business operations comply with established financial practices and procedures. The company will strive to maximise income and control expenditure by effectively controlling and managing costs, optimising resources, and maximise revenue collection.

Thursday, 06 February 2020 10:03

Teaming Up to Open More Possibilities

Apart from the conventional cash and credit card payment system, all of Cibiuk outlets are equipped with multiple cashless payment systems, such as the Boost app and Touch n Go, in an attempt to provide the customers with convenience and flexibility to make their payment.Since the launch of the food delivery service provided by Grab in 2018, restaurants on Grabfood have also recorded an average increase up to 20% in revenue. Cibiuk tapped into this channel in order to stimulate its transaction growth during the identified low peak hours from the POS system and subsequently created a systematic operational flow that fully utilises the digitised platforms.

Thursday, 06 February 2020 09:58

Supervising the Operations from End-to-End

Secret Recipe has strict requirements and control over food quality, including raw materials for export. Secret Recipe has invested heavily on machinery and technology as productivity booster, streamlining business unit’s work and eliminate potential human errors. From manual, mass production to automation, Secret Recipe has deployed more automated systems onto the assembly line to perform human tasks that enabled Secret Recipe to supply high and consistent quality products to worldwide outlets. Secret Recipe engages local audit in franchisees’ country to assure the service and product quality is consistent and in compliance with the Malaysia HQ standards.

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