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October 29, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - The Only Constant is Change

In 1982, just the initials were used in a new logo with the outline of a "W" clearly seen in the mountain-like outline of an "M". "The MS stands for 'money' and 'success' while the 'W' subtly stands for 'wealth' as I have always believed a successful man is a wealthy man," Leong adds. While Mah Sing has achieved steady and undeniable success since its formation, thinning margins in plastics manufacturing in the 1990s necessitated the need for an alternative revenue stream via the property market. Today, it is Leong's desire to create a new recurring income stream for Mah Sing that led to this foray into hospitality. "The location of our land here is better suited to a business hotel," he says. "We are near the F&B outlets and marina of Puteri Harbour and Kota Iskandar, the administrative capital of the Johor government. There are also lots of factories nearby, universities, the Gleneagles Medini Hospital and, of course, Legoland. We chose Ramada as it is part of Wyndham, a big hospitality group."

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October 29, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - Local Animation Industry Heating Up

What is more notable is the stiff competition from other more mature markets such as the US and Japan. "They are unique because they are able to bring something that is creative and in tune with their culture," Najib says. "If you look at these people (local animation studios) that have made it through, like Boboiboy, Didi & Friends and Ejen Ali ... they are actually unique to Malaysia and are intriguing for people outside of Malaysia."

Thursday, 07 February 2019 14:55

October 22, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - Ramsay Sime Darby Uses Tech To Improve Efficiency

A couple of months ago,the healthcare provider, best known for its flagship Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), introduced Live Chat as an option for patients to book appointments."It used to be that you needed to call up the secretary of the specialist to make the appointment. Now, patients can go online, see what slots are free and decide there and then. It gives patients more control over their own healthcare," Brown explains.

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October 22, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - Public Bank Shows Its Digital Hand

"The bank views technology as an important and effective enabler to the implementation of its business strategy and in serving its customers. However, it is always mindful of the various dimensions of risk involved, such as a short life cycle of applications arising from the rapid advancement of technology, cybersecurity threats and the readiness of customers to adopt digital-driven services," he says. In that context, he says the bank has been proactively exploring and tapping "sustainable digital solutions" to enhance customers' experience.

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October 22, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - Property Management and Security At Your Fingertips

Smartphones and apps have become such an important part in our lives these days that we would feel lost without them.We have come to rely on apps for messaging, navigation, ride hailing, games and much more. Apps for the property industry are becoming widespread as well. LaurelCap Sdn Bhd director Lee Wei Keat says he first noticed the trend in 2015. Now, they are widely used as they are léss expensive to install, set up and maintain, thus saving on costs,says Lee. For example, an app could be used to replace a traditional intercom system, which is more expensive and tedious. Mobile apps eliminate this issue besides being more versatile,and "can be updated and new functions introduced."

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October 22, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - China is The World's Retail Laboratory

China has fewer malls and stores than the US, but even these have seen sales slump as consumers prefer to venture outside for experiences, not shopping. In a sign of e-commerce's dominance over bricks-and-mortar retail, internet giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, which runs the biggest e-commerce platforrn in the world,last year paid about US$6 billion to take control of China's top supermarket chain and one of its biggest department-store franchises. Its goal, according to Vey-Sem Ling, senior internet analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, is to have "control over more and more data on customers", whether they are shopping in stores or online. "Going into offline areas allows them to expand their addressable market beyond 800 million internet users to possibly every person in China," Ling says.

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October 8, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - Weaving Artificial Intelligence Into Marketing Strategies

"As everyone and everything is becoming more interconnected, advertising and marketing efforts will be more personalised. We will transform all the information gathered via social listening tools into action-able insights to help businesses make marketing and advertising decisions," says Chitpol. "But in the future, AI will make these decision and make plans based on all the information and insights gathered. If we have more information, that will help consumer personalisation.Then,businesses can advertise directly to consumers."

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October 8, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - The Professional Farmer From The Land of The Hornbills

Wei learnt that while Bayer sold a lot of chemicals and fertilisers to the Malaysian market, its focus was not just on selling but also servicing the market. "My job back then was to make sure that customers used the products correctly rather than pushing sales. If the company's data showed that clients were suddenly increasing their purchases, we had to investigate why," he says.

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October 8, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - The Man Who Transformed Airport Lounges

Over the last 20 years or so, international airports have intensified their competition with one another in trying to attract more passenger footfall. Plaza Premium Lounge was a shot in the arm for these airports. Not only was it a revenue stream sans operating costs for airport management, passengers were starting to plan their trips by taking into account the airports that had these facilities.

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October 8, 2018, The Edge Malaysia - Making Space For Work

In fact, over the last five years, the Klang Valley in particular has seen the mushrooming of such spaces. All of them strive to offer something unique to their clients to differentiate themselves — not only from each other but also from conventional office spaces. Enterprise spoke with several founders of these co-working spaces to find out what makes them tick and how they are doing.

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