What is e-BENCHMARK?

It is a web-based tool which enables benchmarking community to have a win-win situation in communicating their scores and identifying benchmarks. This system is another MPC initiative to promote organisational excellence through performance measures and best practices.


In 2004, MPC won the 2004 United Nations’ Public Service Award for “Innovation in the Public Service,” in developing the e-Benchmark system that had contributed significantly to benchmarking and other productivity and quality enhancement.


This system serves as a platform to encourage more industries to measure performance and benchmark comparison amongst their industry circles within the Malaysian climate as well as on a global scenario.

Confidentiality of industry’s data is secured through the use of a password.

Convenience and Speed

Offers you convenience and speed because you can key-in data and view competitive scores at your own time through internet (upon being issued the password)

Real Time

Real time competitive score can be generated to indicate your performance on critical factors that drive your business success

Share and Learn

Networking through e-Benchmark allows you to share and learn best practices


Competitive scores and ranking allow you to identify gaps and subsequently initiate strategic plans for further improvements

To find more on this system, please contact :

Puan Nurul Sazrina Mohd Shukor sazrina@mpc.gov.my

Puan Noor Anariza Hassan anariza@mpc.gov.my

Puan Nur Hanim Abd. Ghani hanim@mpc.gov.my

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