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January 14, 2019, The Edge Malaysia - Enterprise tools to enhance productivity

There are various tools in the suite. Its centralised accounting system called Zoho Books tracks all of the expenses of an organisation on either mobile or desktop devices.zoho People and Zoho Recruit are tools that help manage employees. There is also an eponymous inventory management system that is integrated with shipping providers. Zoho One, which is a cloud-based platform, can be used by businesses of all sizes and any sector or field. But for those who need customised tools to run their businesses, there is Zoho Creator, a business app maker. "We have about two million apps created on the platform so far and our users include Hewlett-Packard, Pixar, Cirque Du Soleil and Tesla," says Gibu. And the list of tools goes on.The entry cost for zoho users is low, according to Raju. In the past, the high price of adoption and the complications that came with implementation made these tools inaccessible to smaller businesses.

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