Thursday, 26 December 2019 08:58

Bake with Love, Serve with Smile

Today's organisations face a dizzying array of issues ranging from cost control, customers' satisfaction, quality, productivity, competitiveness, change, technology and more. In today's business, customers' satisfaction is of the utmost priority since it determined business viability. However, sustaining a good relationship with customers and fulfilling or exceeding their expectation is not an easy feat especially in the ever-changing business world. More so with the inevitable rise in prices of goods and services, a business faces a never-ending struggle to deliver valueble services while at the same time maintaining a viable financial position. This fact is truer for small and medium-sized (SMEs) corporations in Malaysia. To stay relevant in the current market, SMEs need to continuosly make an improvement to their current operation to remain competitive in global competition by constantly meeting unprecedented market changes. Joy Bakery Snd Bhd, a Sarawak-based company, overcome this hurdle through the support of Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC).

  • Best Practices Type: Case Studies
  • Industry: Services
  • Company Name: Joy Bakery Sdn Bhd
  • Geographical: Sarawak
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