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The J*FIsH Project: Driving Community Development and Sharing Economy Model

The J*FIsH Model is a novel and comprehensive approach in developing a sharing economy where the trickle-down effect gives everyone in the community an opportunity to prosper and excel. By obtaining the MyGAP Certification and/or Halal Certification, project participants have enhanced their productivity levels, product quality, marketability, and cash flow. The internationally recognised certifications have transformed the operators into forward-looking and global standard farms/enterprises. The IBE model has not only turned the once traditional farmers/enterprises into successful agro-food entrepreneurs, it has also promoted a sharing economy that utilises and boosts local talent and workforce, and enablesavailable natural resources to be utilised more effectively. Collaboration (ukhwah) among local agrofood producers including local and external communities has infused a global thinking and attitude, and inculcated a strategic and result oriented mindset. Armed with international standards certifications coupled with IBE Model Application, the farmers/entrepreneurs are ready to explore the global market market place which is part of the key phases /stages of business maturity level of the MAI Qcs Maturity Model ™ -Mr. Ishar Omar, Managing & Principal Consultant, MAI Q Consult & Services

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  • Best Practices Type: Case Studies
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Company Name: J*Fish Group
  • Geographical: Pahang
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