Benchmarking Online Networking Database (BOND) is a database of best practices and performance measurement provided by MPC to assist organisations in search of best practices and benchmarks.

It is a platform to showcase improvement projects that have been implemented by organisations in Malaysia towards profit maximisation. These improvement projects have significantly enhanced productivity through reduction in production cost and improvised daily operations.

  • Segamat Panel Board managed to save an amount of RM74,865 in electricity bill by resolving problems related to chopper.
  • After LEAN, KPJ Johor produces no errors on medication.
  • CTRM Aero Composites increased its efficiency in reducing raw material utilisation by 29% and raised output generation by 185%.
  • Infineon has shown 39% improvement in productivity time rate by reducing in schedule downtime breakdown to 8%.
  • PETRONAS Penapisan (Terengganu) showcases innovation through a simplified hydrocarbon removal activity and contributes a value of more than RM1 million a year.
  • PUSPAKOM has successfully managed to record a zero compound and penalty in non-compliance with a saving of RM12,000 annually.
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